Port Said Co. For Food industries Riyada S.A.E, is dedicated to excellence in providing high quality products and services. We drive down costs … without compromising quality .We are committed to providing high quality products and service through a better understanding of our customers' needs.

 The Quality is based on TQM " Total Quality Management " where the quality is controlled on each step of production.

The Quality is controlled by an expert staff of engineers their responsibilities starts by selecting the source of raw milk, then applying chemical and bacteriological tests on the milk on daily basis. 

The production of Natural Cheese is based on the Experience and the highest level of the cheese Makers as well as on the level of Hygiene and quality control Applied on all the production stages.

The Natural cheese production Started with the selection of the source of raw Milk which is the main component of the Natural cheese.

Controlling the source of Raw Milk is the first step to Market Premium Quality Natural Cheese.

Different laboratory tests are applied on the raw Milk to approve its specification according to the quality required , then it is heat treated according to the International standards for Semi Hard Cheese Production.

Production of Edam and Gouda:

Edam and Gouda are special products that need a special production process and treatment to reach the unique aroma.

Ripening is one of the most important steps in the Semi Hard cheese production. In this phase the cheese is stored in special ripening rooms for a period of 45 days to 75 days. Each unit of the cheese is handled carefully during the ripening period in a very sensitive way. In this stage the cheese is gradually matured into the delicious products, Edam and Gouda.

After the ripening period, the cheese is tested by the quality control department, which is responsible to confirm its validation to be marketed. Once the cheese is approved, we reach the waxing stage where the different types of cheese get different colored wax layers according to their type “Red Color for Edam and Yellow color for Gouda”.

Then, the cheese is wrapped with sulifan to take its final form and subsequently, packed in outer cartons to be ready for sales to the market. In all the stages of the transfer process from the factory to our customers, the cheese is kept in reefer to maintain the appropriate storage conditions required and consequently to assure its safety and taste.